Create Your Own Personalized Cartoons and Animated Emoticons with BBMoji on BBM Messenger!

accesoriesDon’t wait to update your BBM Messenger with the latest release that’s available shortly.  All you need is a selfie or photo, and our new BBMoji will provide a selection of fun, cartoon stickers of YOU that you can add to your chats.

BBMoji allows you to create funny cartoons and animated emoticons from a wide repertoire of expressions that match your moods; and share them as stickers to chat with your friends on BBM.

We’ve been having all kinds of fun testing this great new feature, so you should try it too!

Get your latest BBM Messenger in Google Play or the App Store soon.

Create your BBMoji account and avatar


  1. Download the latest version of both BBM and BBMoji
  2. Open BBM and go to any chat
  3. Tab on the sticker iconSticker bar
  4. Select the BBMoji tab and click on Create Your Avatar
  5. You’ll be prompted to Authorize BBMoji
  6. Click Allow on Authorization page to link BBMoji to your BBM account and you’ll be redirected to the BBMoji app to create your personalized stickers
  7. Take a selfie or upload a photoexpression
  8. Choose your gender and age
  9. Customize your avatar based on preferences such as eyes and facial shapes and hairstyles. You can also accessorize your avatar with glasses and more!
  10. Click Save when you’re satisfied with your avatar, and you’ll be taken to BBMoji homepage with your created avatar
  11. Tab on Start using in BBM to share BBMoji stickers on BBM with your contacts

send & recieveAnd voila! Your BBMoji stickers are automatically be generated in BBM. So keep checking in and be one of the first users to get a head start in creating your personalized avatars with BBMoji!

Get your latest BBM Messenger in Google Play or the App Store.


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