Celebrate Indonesia Independence Day with #BebasinBebanMu

BBM for Indonesia, BBM for us from Indonesia

In celebration of Indonesia’s 73rd Independence Day, BBM has launched the #BebasinBebanMu (Freedom for Yourself) campaign. #BebasinBebanMu is inspired by how Indonesian heroes fought for changing the nation to claim its sovereign and independence. The Independence action in this digital era is realised with the freedom to be yourself and what you want to be without any burden.

“Since becoming part of the Emtek Group in Indonesia in 2016, BBM is literally made in Indonesia, for Indonesians. We’ve evolved from a pure messaging application to a social ecosystem. We’re aggressively expanding our talent pool in Indonesia and working with best-in-breed partners to bring locally relevant, customized features, content and services that fit the daily needs and lifestyle of our users in Indonesia,” said Matthew Talbot, CEO of Creative Media Works, the company that operates and runs BBM Consumer globally.

“#BebasinBebanMu aims to inspire all Indonesians to have their own freedom with three campaign themes: Freedom from Payment, Freedom to Shop, and Freedom to Eat,” he added.

Freedom from Payment (#Merdeka Dari Bayar)KV-MERDEKA DARI BAYAR_1

The BBM Team will randomly be at 17 hangout places or cinemas in Jakarta and Bandung from August 1-16, 2018. All the bills in the selected places will be paid for by BBM with one condition – all the patrons there will have to download and install BBM. To find out where BBM Team will next visit, obtain your clues from BBM Discover (BBM News, BBM Video, etc) today. So order your food and beverage or buy your tickets, download and install BBM on the spot, and we’ll free you from paying your bills! Click here for the video teaser.


Freedom to Shop (#Merdeka Buat BelanjaKV-MERDEKA DARI BELANJA-1

The BBM Team is also running a door-to-door program, visiting residences at random in five cities – Bandung, Medan, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Malang – where users will win cash of up to Rp200,000 if they are able to show their updated BBM app and activate DANA account from their phone.

For those who haven’t been visited by the BBM Team, don’t worry, BBM will pay for your purchases through BBM Shopping, Travel and Coupon. Click here for further information; and click here for the video teaser.


Freedom to Eat (#Merdeka Buat Makan) KV-MERDEKA BUAT MAKAN_1

Fancy dining in romantic Bali, while enjoying spectacular views of the Indian Ocean? Participate in the Freedom to Eat contest and you’ll stand a chance to win the Grand Prize to dine *anywhere in Indonesia of your choice (including accommodation). From August 9-26, 2018 take part in the daily contest by clicking on the Merdeka Buat Makan contest icon in BBM Discover and you’ll also get to win daily prizes. Click here to find out how you can participate.

Don’t miss the great opportunity of #BebasinBebanMu and celebrate Indonesia Independence Day with BBM. Download and update your BBM from App Store and Google Play today.


*Terms and conditions apply

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