Final Call: Activate DANA in BBM and Try New Group Feature “DANA KAGET” to Win Total Vouchers of Rp17 Billion!


Have you activated your DANA account in BBM? If the answer is yes, then DANA and BBM invite you to try our new feature, DANA KAGET. In order to commemorate the 73rd Anniversary Independence of Republic Indonesia, DANA in BBM launches DANA KAGET. Go activate your DANA account and try DANA KAGET feature before August 17, 2018 and you’ll get a chance to win prizes worth up to Rp17 billion worth of DANA vouchers! 

DANA KAGET or Lucky Money is one of the exciting features on BMM that enable BBM users to share money in Group Chat. Here’s how you can to get DANA KAGET easily:

  1. Install BBM in your smartphone and activate DANA feature
  2. After activating, top-up your credit and create group chat together with your friends (max. 300 users)
  3. Tap “+” icon in Group Chat, then select “Dana Kaget/Lucky Money” feature
  4. Verify the account and insert the amount that you’d like to share with your group

Terms and Conditions:

  • All DANA users on BMM application to receive DANA KAGET Voucher worth Rp10,000 and only can be used through DANA feature
  • DANA KAGET Voucher will be automatically sent to your DANA account and only can be used in one smartphone
  • DANA KAGET Voucher can be used only on DANA KAGET
  • DANA KAGET Voucher valid until 14 days after the voucher issued
  • DANA has authorized, without prior notice, to do required actions if there is any crime or abusive activities from the users
  • Refund during transaction process can be returned on voucher or cash forms
  • This promotion program can be used only on smartphone devices
  • DANA has authorized to collect your ID-card information and photo for verification process
  • Terms and conditions of this promotion can be changed anytime without prior notice

This Independence Day, BBM has also been busily rewarding its users with #BebasinBebanMu. Activate your DANA account today before Aug 17, and you could be one of the lucky winners!

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