Time Travel with BBM Messenger’s ‘Decades Trivia Challenge’ to Win Shopping Sprees in Canada and the US

Answer questions related to decades between 70s to 00s and users stand to win Visa gift cards worth $250 to $1000

TorontoSeptember 13, 2018 – BBM Messenger is thrilled to announce the launch of a fun and exciting ‘Decades Trivia Challenge’ contest, which quizzes its users in Canada and the US on fun facts between 1970s and 2000s.

The ‘Decades Trivia Challenge’ will feature daily trivia questions over the course of the four-week contest. Each week, the trivia will feature questions from a select decade, with the first week centering on questions from the 2000s, and the subsequent week on the 90s, then the 80s and finally the 70s.

Available in the BBM Discover menu, the ‘Decades Trivia Challenge’ allows users to enter into a grand prize sweepstakes for a $1000 Visa gift card, as well as the opportunity to play daily trivia questions for a chance to win weekly $250 Visa gift card prizes!

“This contest is themed around appealing to a wide variety of age groups of those born in the various decades featured. We encourage our valued users to spend time and have fun in BBM, with a chance to be rewarded at the same time,” says Matthew Talbot, CEO of Creative Media Works, the company that operates and runs BBM Consumer globally.

The ‘Decades Trivia Challenge’ will run for a month from September 12, 2018 and end on October 8, 2018. Download BBM via Google Play or the App Store to participate today!

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