Customize Chat Background, New Features on BBM Desktop (Android), Official Accounts and More!

Experience the latest BBM version for Android and iOS. In this latest BBM release, you’ll enjoy the expanded experience of customizing chat background, BBM Desktop (Android only), a new Album Tab in Official Accounts, the easy way to upgrade to new and improved Groups, and be able to “like” your Contacts’ posts and status updates!

Read on and be sure to upgrade your BBM today to discover more other new features and improvements.


Customize Your Chat Background (Android only) 

You spoke. We listened. We know that you’ve been requesting for the ability to change your chat background with your favorite photo to make your chat screen more personalized. Now, you can pick an image from your Gallery and set as chat background.



Do More on BBM Desktop (Android only) 

Interact seamlessly across devices with BBM Desktop. Now you can:

  • Receive and download important documents on your laptop. It’s an easier way to get a document from your phone to computer.
  • Enjoy drama free days with Retract on various chat bubbles (text, image, sticker and more!)
  • Reply, delete and forward functions are now here for your convenience to match your experience on the phone.



Album Tab in Official Accounts

Access all images and videos in a grid view from the new Album Tab in Official Accounts. You can also like and comment on any media posted by the Official Account that you follow, or even connect with people within the community who share similar hobbies and passions.

So, follow your favorite Official Accounts today to receive the latest product information, promotions or updates directly from your favorite brands or artists!

Upgrade Your Groups: Add More Members, “D” and “R” Status

Start chatting and sharing with your friends, family, co-workers and communities with our new BBM Groups that can now allow up to 300 members!

See ‘D’ (Delivered) and ‘R’ (Read) status for each group member, share any type of document and media, experience watching Vidio together (Indonesia only) and share money in a group with our DANA Lucky Money feature (Indonesia only).

Simply tap a prompt at the top of your current Groups, follow the instructions and you are ready to enjoy all these new features in your groups!



“Like” Timeline Posts-And See Who Liked Yours!

Tap! Tap! at our new heart icon on Feeds to show how you appreciate your BBM contacts’ status and posts updates. When people like your posts, you’ll see a number below the heart icon. Simply tap the number to see a list of who they are.

We’ve been enjoying testing this new feature. We know you’ll “like” it too!



For Indonesia: Send Money via Chat

BBM is now officially the first chat app in Indonesia that enables peer-to-peer money transfer via chat!

Now you can pay friends and family for shared restaurant bills, gifts, phone vouchers, and anything else. The receiver can use the funds to buy talk time or internet data for their mobile phones, pay bills (electricity, water, installments, BPJS health insurance), get a voucher for Google Play, or cash out their DANA credits from their bank account (ATM Bersama) instantly.

To enable the feature, you must first activate DANA via the DANA tab, and register as a premium user. (No fee required.)

When you want to send money, follow these easy steps!

  1. Open a chat with the person you want to send money to, and click the “+” icon.
  2. Select Send Money.
  3. Input the amount you wish to send, and add any comment.
  4. Enter your PIN to verify the transaction.
  5. It’s all done!



For Indonesia: Play DANA Kaget

DANA Kaget or Lucky Money is an exciting feature for BBM users to share money with their community in a group chat. You can randomly share money to several members, and the amount received by each member would be different – making this fun and intriguing for your community.

Here’s how you can play DANA KAGET easily:

  1. Create group chat together with your friends (max. 300 users)
  2. Tap “+” icon in Group Chat, then select “Dana Kaget/Lucky Money” feature
  3. Insert the amount that you’d like to share with your group
  4. An envelope banner will pop-up in your chat group. Members in your group must tap on the envelope quickly in order to grab the DANA Kaget/Lucky Money
  5. Have fun and surprise your friends with DANA Kaget today!



What Else is New?

  • Decline Call with a Message (Android only) – Not free to take an incoming voice and video call? Now you can decline a call gracefully by sending a message to the caller.
  • Ability to Block and Unblock Contact – Do you wish to be undisturbed from certain contacts? Just block and unblock the contacts when you have a change of heart.
  • Reply to Image and Video on Chat – Now you can directly reply to images and videos shared in 1:1 chats.
  • Preview Sticker on Timeline (iOS only) – Curious with your friends’ new sticker packs? Now you can preview from their timeline. 


We’re already hard at work on the next release, due out soon. Be sure to upgrade your favorite messaging app via Google Play or the App Store today to take advantage of all the improvements in the latest release. And check back in a few weeks for the next round of improvements.

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