Upgrade to a Faster and Lighter BBM Messenger now with Storage Management!

Enjoy a faster BBM Messenger with the new streamlined version of your favorite messaging app, out today and available for download via Google Play or the App Store. This release improves app, chat, and notification load times; adds storage management for Android; lets you preview websites and messages in your chats; makes it easier to loop in additional Contacts in multi-person chats or when forwarding or sharing posts; and more. Read on for the highlights.

Connect with Friends Faster with Streamlined BBM App

Both Android and iOS users will notice a faster load time when opening their BBM Messenger after it’s been fully, or “forced” closed. We’ve significantly improved the average amount of time it takes the app start up over the previous release. Additionally, this latest version has better responsiveness on chats.

For iOS users, you’ll also notice that when your BBM app is closed, message notifications—those little red circles with a number in them—now appear sooner than before.

For Android users, all your chats—1:1, multi-person, and groups—will now load quicker. Similarly, messages, stickers and BBMoji, and any other keyboard panel features (media, stickers, etc.) will be sent faster than before.

Enjoy all the BBM features with the new speed!

Choose to Lighten BBM Messenger’s Storage Requirements

Release_14-Storage_Management-EN (2)Android users: now you can opt to manage your storage and choose the types of content you want to delete. This new feature lets you see which chats are taking up the most space, and lets you clear images, videos, audio files and more on each one.

To manage your storage, go to the Me tab, then select General. Choose Data, and then Storage usage. You’ll see a list of your chats along with the amount of storage they take up. Click on individual chats to see how much space items in the chat take up. Reduce the storage requirements by selecting to delete items you no longer need.

See a Preview of Websites in Chats

Release-14--Link-Preview-EN-v1Android users: With our new automatic website preview feature, you’ll now see a thumbnail image and headline in your chats whenever you or your contacts send a linked website address. When you send a website link, the preview will automatically appear above the text field. When you receive a link, the preview lets you see what your friends have shared, so you can check the main information before you open the link.

To see the new feature, simply open a chat, type or paste a website address into the text field, and a website preview will appear! If you send the link, your contact(s) will see the same information.

Release-14-Improvement_on_Message_Preview-EN-v1Preview Messages of Channel Posts or Discover Content

As with the website previews mentioned above, now both Android and iOS users will also see a preview before they share Channel and Discover posts. The preview, a thumbnail image and a headline, will automatically appear above the text field. To see a preview, click Share on a Channel or Discover post and select someone to share it with.


Loop in Additional Contacts More Easily

Release-14--Improvement_on_Multi-Picker-EN-v1Now it’s easier for Android users to find Contacts to add to multi-person chats, forward messages to and share posts with—because Contacts you selected will now appear at the top! To create or add to multi-person chats, tap the top right menu in multi-person chats and select “Invite More.” Tap Contacts to add them or use the search bar to avoid scrolling. Once added, your Contacts will appear at the top of the screen in a bubble, so it’s easy to see who’s on the chat.

When you forward and share messages as explained in our previous release, the Contacts you’ve chosen will also appear at the top of the screen so you can keep track of who you’ve selected.

Uninterrupted Voice and Video Call for iOS

Release_14_Asset-Uninterrupted_Call-ENDon’t hang up! iOS users will be pleased to know that this release prevents active BBM Voice and Video calls from dropping when you receive other incoming calls.

Now, when you’re on a BBM Voice or Video call, and another call comes in from another app, you’ll have three options:

  • End the BBM call and accept the other call
  • Have the other call sent to voice mail
  • Hold the BBM call to answer the other call

We’ve also added an option to switch to a connected Bluetooth device after you pick up a call on your phone. Just answer the BBM call, then tap to Bluetooth icon to switch over, just like you would for a native call.

Be sure to upgrade today via Google Play or the App Store to get your streamlined BBM Messenger with all the latest improvements.

Create Animated Stickers of Your Face with New BBMoji, Plus Lots More in Latest BBM Messenger

Don’t wait to update your BBM Messenger with the latest release, out today. All you need is photo of yourself, and our new BBMoji will provide a selection of fun, cartoon stickers of YOU that you can add to your chats. We’ve been having all kinds of fun testing this great new feature, so you should try it too!

We’ve also added more ways to interact with your contacts on Timeline, and we continue to refine Groups with a handful of media improvements. We’ve also added some new (darker) background colors for your chats, sticker management options, and features for sharing content with multiple contacts at once.

Read below for all the details, and get the latest BBM Messenger in Google Play or the App Store now.

screenshot_2Create Your Own Personalized Stickers and Animated Emoticons with BBMoji

BBM Messenger is home to thousands of static and animated stickers. Now, you can be part of this virtual world with BBMoji, which turns a picture of your face into expressive and funny stickers. With the latest release of BBM, you can create your own personal funny cartoons and animated emoticons in just a few taps. Choose from a wide repertoire of expressions that match your moods, and share the resulting stickers as you chat with your friends on BBM.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for creating your BBMoji account and animated stickers.

Android: Show Off Your Photos on Timeline withIntroducing-Timeline-900x900pxl-EN New Album Tab

The latest BBM Messenger release gives you a new way to share your photos: the new Album tab. Take a look at your BBM Messenger profile to see it. Your Album collects all of the photos you’ve shared on BBM Timeline in one place—and is visible to everyone on your contact list. To share your Timeline, About, Posts and Albums with people beyond your contact list, set your Timeline to Public.

Improved Photo and Video Sharing in Groups

We just keep making Groups better! We released a bunch of new features in the last release. This time, we’ve also included several improvements to photo and video sharing in Groups—making it behave like video sharing in 1:1 and multi-person chats for a more consistent experience.

Video-in-Shared-Media-900x900pxl-EN Key improvements include:

  • Swipe capability for videos—Now you can swipe left and right to scroll through videos as well as pictures.
  • View videos in a Group’s Media—Found under Media in a Group’s Profile, this feature that collects all a group’s shared photos in one place now also includes videos.
  • Delete button—You can delete any videos from the video viewer in Media by tapping the Delete menu item (on Android) or tapping the trash icon (on iOS).

Plus, More for Customization and Sharing

This release also includes a number of other improvements to make BBM Messenger more customizable, more social and easier to use. Upgrade today and you’ll find there’s a wider selection of new dark color options for your chat backgrounds.Delete-Sticker-Pack---900x900pxl-1

We also created new sticker management options so you can delete sticker packs you don’t use anymore—saving space and making it easier to find the stickers you often use. From the Stickers tab, simply tap the gear icon, then Edit, and Delete.

Now you can also share PDF files from within and outside BBM Messenger on iOS devices. And a long press on a large message in Groups—or a picture in a 1:1, multi-person or Group chat—allows you to copy, forward or retract the message. It’s a handy shortcut for faster, easier sharing.

Android users will enjoy better video quality post-compression on any videos that have been compressed to for sending.

Plus, new share and forward options make it easy to share messages, feed posts, photos and videos with multiple contacts at once.


  • To Forward a Message, long press on the message, select Forward, and choose recipients from your Contact list.
  • To Broadcast a Message, compose the message, select the “+” and choose recipients from your Contact list.
  • To Share a Feed Post from a Channel, select Share on the post, then choose recipients from your Contact list.
  • To Share a Photo, select an image or video from your device’s Gallery, select Share and then BBM, and choose recipients from your Contact list.

Don’t forget to upgrade today via Google Play or the App Store so you can enjoy all these improvements. Stay tuned for the next batch, due out soon. We never stop working to ensure that BBM Messenger remains your favorite mobile app for chatting, shopping, gaming, keeping up on sports, news and more!

Update BBM Messenger Today for Improvements to Groups, Timeline—and Classic Emoji Screen

We’ve released the latest version of BBM Messenger in Google Play and on the App Store. Be sure to update for improved functionality in Groups—including voice notes and support for large messages—the ability to make your Timeline available to the public, a return of the classic emoji screen for Android, and more. Refer to details below.

Voice-Note-in-Groups-ENGroups: Better than ever

Tell Them How You Feel with New Voice Notes

The new voice notes feature allows you to send audio messages to groups of contacts. If you’re on a bumpy road, don’t have time to type, or find words too limiting to express yourself, voice notes are a great way to share! To send a voice note, tap and hold the microphone icon on the lower right of the keyboard panel. Swipe to cancel. If you’ve never sent a voice note from BBM Messenger before, you’ll need to grant access to your phone’s microphone first.

Say It All with Support for Large Messages—Up to 65,000 Characters!Read-More-in-Groups-EN

Now, when you send long messages in Groups, BBM Messenger will display the first 2,000 words and hide the rest behind a Read More button. Recipients simply tap Read More to see the full message. The new message limit for Groups is 65,000 characters. Large messages let you say every word, while also making it easy to scroll through your Group chats to follow or reference conversations.

Looking Good: Redesigned Image and Video Viewers

We’ve also redesigned the image and video viewers in Groups to include the sender’s name and the time they sent the image or video. Comments appear on a separate page—just tap to open. And the background is white, instead of black, for a cleaner look. These improvements also match the viewers in one-to-one and multi-person chats, to give you a more coherent experience.

EN---Introducing-Timeline---900x900pxAndroid: Timeline Offers Public or Private Setting

There are now more ways to access others’ Timelines, so you can keep up on the latest from your favorite contacts. Just click on your contacts’ images in the comments section of Channels, or from Feeds.

We’ve also added privacy settings to Timeline so you can control who sees what. If you set your Timeline to Public, then your Post tab will be visible to everyone who uses BBM Messenger. Set Timeline to Private, and only your contacts will see Post and About.

Emoji Screen Goes Back to the Future on AndroidRelease-12-Assets-(Emoji)-1

The original emoji keyboard panel for Android is back by popular demand, with all of its options restored. A few months ago, we updated the look in an attempt to de-clutter the screen. BBM Messenger fans let us know they liked the old version better, with more options where they can see them. So, we turned back time and reverted to the classic version. As the saying goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Thanks for letting us know what you think!

And more!

Sharing-Photo-&-Video-as-file---900x900px-1The latest release also includes an improved flow for inviting people to multi-person chats, and a new process for starting a group. Additionally, BBM Messenger now includes full-screen support for iPhone X.

BBM also now gives you the option to send images and videos as files in one-to-one chat—a feature that allows for higher sharing and download quality for those with bigger data plans or using high-speed WiFi.


Don’t wait to take advantage of all these new features. Upgrade your BBM today via Google Play and the App Store today!

Latest BBM Messenger Offers Editable Custom PINs, Improved Photo and Video Sharing, Refined Chat Screen, and More!

We’ve been working hard over the holidays to get you a fresh start for 2018! The latest versions of BBM Messenger are now available in Google Play and the App Store. Update today to get all the improvements in photo and video sharing, refinements to the chat screen look and feel, the ability to edit your Custom PIN, and lots more. Read on for all the details.

Editable Custom PIN

Chat-Keybaord-Panel-EN---900x900pxl-4Now when you create a Custom PIN, you can change it—as often as you like! Just go to your Me tab or Profile to access the feature. After you choose a new PIN, BBM Messenger will create a new feed post for you so you can tell your contacts. Keep in mind that PINs are unique, so you can only choose a new one that no one else is using, and your old Custom PIN will become available to others as soon as you get a new one.

Photo and Video Sharing

Request-HD-Removal---900x900pxl-1 Get the Highest-Possible Resolution

Say goodbye to low-resolution photos and videos! Now, all the images and videos you send and receive in BBM Messenger will automatically be transmitted in their highest-possible resolution.

Options to Save, Set as Backdrop or Delete

Now you can preview videos, see photos in landscape or portrait format, and add captions inside your BBM Messenger chats. In the photo viewer for both one-to-one and multi-person chats, we’ve also added a menu that lets you save the picture, set as your BBM profile picture, or delete to save space on your phone.

Commenting on Images in Groups

This feature is back! To add your two cents to images shared in Groups, just tap on the comment icon. Located in the lower right of the Groups screen, the icon opens a window where you can add your thoughts and read what others have said. You can also like or save these images shared in Groups.

Chat Look and Feel

Chat-Keybaord-Panel-EN---900x900pxl-2Timestamps and More Background Options (Including Black!)

In this latest release, we’ve added new date tags to separate messages sent on different days. The tags, like “Yesterday” and “Today” make it easier to reference past chats to find what you’re looking for.

You can also now customize and preview background colors and patterns directly from your chat conversation menus, instead of having to navigate to the Settings screen. Additionally, you can choose black for your background, which wasn’t available previously.

Keyboard Panel Makeover

Both Android and iOS users will notice their chat screen’s cleaner look. We de-cluttered by putting keyboard panel options behind a plus sign. Previously, we had more options on that screen. Now, they’re still just a tap away, but they won’t distract you when you don’t need them. Keyboard panel options include adding media (photo or video), setting the message timer, making an appointment or a list, and sharing a contact, document, event, or your location.Chat-Keybaord-Panel-EN---900x900pxl-3

Bold Type for New Chats Only

Previously, every header on your list of chats appeared in bold. Now, only the headers for new chats will appear in bold.

iOS Call Integration

Call-Preview---Socmed---900x900px---ENBBM Voice and Video calls will now be better incorporated into the iOS experience because we’ve integrated with the iOS CallingKit. Now, iOS users will receive notifications for BBM calls that look like Phone and FaceTime calls. When you navigate away from a BBM Messenger call to view another app on your iOS device, a green call bar will appear at the top of your screen, letting you get back to your active call with one tap. Voice and Video calls you receive in BBM will also appear in the iOS Phone app as “Recents.”

That’s it for now. Happy 2018 from all of us at BBM Messenger! Be sure to upgrade your favorite messaging app via Google Play or the App Store today, and stay tuned for the next release coming soon!

BBM Messenger’s Latest Release Includes a Customisable Chat Background, FREE Custom PIN, New Discover Grid View, Faster File Sending and More

We’re happy to announce that the latest versions of BBM Messenger are now available in Google Play and the App Store. Update today to get customisable chat background colors, free custom PIN, options for auto-download when saving photos and videos, improvements to voice messages, new Featured tab in the Sticker Shop as well as more Discover services!

Customise your Chat Background
We continue to refine the look and feel of our chat interface to make it easier to use—and personalize just the way you like it. All users can now choose to change the background from the current pattern to a range of colors.
Color Picker

For Android users:

  • Go to your Me tab
  • Select Chats, then Chat Background

For iOS users:

  • Go to Me tab
  • Select Settings, then Chat Background

Additionally for iOS users, in this new release, we’ve rolled out all the chat screen updates that were available in Android last month: the new background pattern, new chat bubble shape, new colors for bubbles and text, and timestamps that appear inside the bubbles.

For Android users, we’ve adjusted the sizes of a few elements so you can see more information on one screen at a glance. Contact avatars, icons, and badges are smaller, while delivery and read status are made larger to improve usability.

Android users will also notice a new timestamp that appears on stickers in your chats, just like the timestamps on text-based messages.

Custom PINCustom PIN is Now Free!

The BBM PIN keeps you in control of who can contact you –  and now you can customize your PIN free of charge!  With a BBM PIN, there is no need to disclose your phone number or email address to add someone to BBM – so if you decide you want to delete and block, they have no way of contacting you.  A Custom PIN stays with you forever and makes it easier to add people to BBM – it’s easier to remember, easier to say, and easier to type!

From your Me tab:

  • Select the PIN field
  • Enter the PIN you’d like
  • If it’s available, it’ll be yours! Your PIN will appear in the Me tab going forward.

New: Discover Grid View
Discover Grid Our Discover menu keeps getting longer, packed with all the new services we’re bringing to BBM Messenger. To make it easier to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily, we’ve made Discover a grid of your favorite in-app services. Each service is represented by an icon in the same colour, making them cleaner and easier to locate, as you can now see more on one screen. Check it out today—and read on for a list of new services we’ve added to Discover in the last couple of months.


More Options for Downloading Photos and Videos
Download settings
This release improves the ways you can share files in BBM Messenger, by offering more control over data consumption. You can now choose to selectively auto-download photos and video using Wi-Fi only, or a combination of Wi-Fi and mobile data.

To activate:

  • Go to your Me tab
  • Select General (Android) or Settings (iOS)
  • Select Data and Storage Usage
  • Set your download preferences

High-Quality Videos and Images Now Send Faster
Share videos It’s now easier—and faster—to send large video and image files in one-to-one and Group chats. We’ve made some smart updates, which improves the experience for you.

How to:

  • Just select videos from your camera or gallery
  • Trim the video in the preview screen, and share!

Faster Voice Message Recording for iOS

The next time iOS users want to send a voice message, just tap the blue microphone icon in the lower right of your chat screen, tap and hold while you record, and release to send.

New “Featured” Tab in Sticker Shop
featured stickersWe now have over 1,500 sticker packs in BBM Messenger! Two new features will help you find what you want faster – Featured and Seach.

Following the recent revamp to the Sticker Shop that added navigation tabs, this release brings one more: Featured. It brings together a selection of new, popular and noteworthy sticker packs. When you’re looking for more stickers to add to your collection, check here first!

We’ve also expanded search. Now you can search for sticker packs from any of the navigation tabs (New, Free, Featured and Categories) when you’re in the Sticker Shop.

More Discover-ies

As always, we’re busily adding more goodness to the Discover menu. Users worldwide can now request an Uber ride through BBM Messenger.

hotelscombinedTo make travel even easier, now you can book accommodations from the Discover menu too! Thanks to a new partnership with HotelsCombined, users in more than 55 countries can search and discover hotels, find the best rates, easily share options with contacts, discuss in chat, and then book their accommodation—all without leaving BBM Messenger.

Indonesians are now enjoying updates to the WebComics service that we announced in June. WebComics readers receive push notifications on their devices when new installments in their favorite series arrive. A new “Free” content tab makes it easy to find free content. A new registration page, available from users’ profile pages, offers rewards to those signing up for a membership.

Also for Indonesians, BBM Video now includes a new Trending tab. This category displays a collection of popular videos that users can watch inside BBM Messenger.

girltalkIn Nigeria, we launched a new content channel for young women: Girl Talk. It includes lifestyle articles focused on wellbeing and empowerment for young women. It’s easy to browse articles, and share them with your contacts.

In the Middle East, we added a new food and recipe content channel: Yummy. It is a comprehensive encyclopedia of recipes for all varieties of Arabic and International cuisine; and also provides quick and easy recipes for a younger audience on the go.

6-House-Ads-480x320---NBA-ChannelMost recently, NBA fans in Indonesia can stay up-to-date and engaged during the regular or seasonal playoffs – wherever they are – through an array of services and content available within BBM: live streaming on BBM Video, updates on BBM News, join Official NBA Channel (PIN: C0028C595), participate in daily BBM Polls and share Stickers of their favourite NBA stars.

Don’t miss out on the latest improvements. Be sure to upgrade your favorite messaging app via Google Play or the App Store today, and stay tuned for the next release coming soon!

BBM Messenger Invigorates its Sticker Shop with Animated Stickers and Easier Navigation

There are two new things waiting for you in the BBM Messenger Sticker Shop: Animated stickers. Already, they are attracting attention and promising to bring some fun into your chats.

We also gave our Sticker Shop a makeover with our most recent release to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. We’ve added so many sticker packs in the last year that we decided to organize things a little differently to make it more browseable. Find the Sticker Shop at the top of your Discover menu.
Liven up your chats with animated stickers! We’ve added several sticker packs that contain animated GIFs, or moving images, that you can share in your BBM chats. When you have animated stickers, a play icon will appear in your sticker picker. To see the animation, tap and hold the icon for a preview. If you like it, just tap again to add it to your chat and surprise your friend! (And then be prepared to tell them how you did that.)

Find What You Want: New Navigation Tabs

House Ads Chats _ Sticker Shop (English - Bahasa) - 480x320pxl-02Our newly redesigned shop adds tabs across the top of the main screen: New, Free, and Categories.

Previously, we only listed stickers in the order that we released them, with the most recent at the top. In this makeover, you can easily find the latest stickers on the New tab, in a list view instead of a grid.

The Free tab shows all our free stickers in one place. The Categories tab divides all our sticker packs by topic: BBM Family, Most Popular, Love & Romance, Animals & Pets, Movies, and more. If you’re looking for a specific sticker or topic, this is a great place to start.

See one you like? Just tap to preview the pack. Tap again to preview individual stickers.

How Much? Buy and Free Notation

House-Ads-Navigation-Menu-&-Sticker-Shop-(English)---480x320pxl-2As you’re browsing through all the sticker packs, you’ll notice the words “Buy,” “Free,” or “Downloaded” below each one. They tell you which stickers are available for purchase, which are free, and which ones you already have.

Be sure to update your BBM via Google Play or the App Store to enjoy all the improvements.

We hope you enjoy the updated Sticker Shop, and all the fun new stickers in it. We’re adding more all the time—including from our Sticker Factory contributors! (See a list of our first batch of winners here.) Be sure to check in often to get the latest.

Update your BBM Messenger to the Latest Version for Refined Chat Screen and Bubbles, New Sticker Shop and More!

Over the last couple of months, our team has been zealously working on improvements to enhance your BBM Messenger experience. The new release is now ready for you in Google Play and the App Store, so be sure to update today.

You’ll appreciate the redesigned chat screen (including new colors and bubbles), a more convenient main menu in Android, a re-organized sticker shop with new animated stickers to liven your chats, and additions to Discover. Read on for all the details.

Easy on the Eyes: Redesigned Chat Screen in Android

House Ads Chats _ Sticker Shop (English - Bahasa) - 480x320pxl-01Chats are looking better than ever in the latest BBM Messenger for Android! We redesigned the chat bubbles to look like speech bubbles. Each one now points to the photo of the person who sent it. We’ve also toned down the colors of the bubbles to a lighter blue and white, added a patterned background, and made all the text black.

Additionally, time stamps now appear in the bubbles, and the “delivered” and “read” notations are on the right of your messages (instead of on the left, where they were previously).

These improvements are now live in BBM Messenger for Android, and will be available on iOS next month.

Menu Goes from Top to Bottom in Android
For convenience, we’ve moved the menu bar to the bottom of the screen—closer to your fingertips—in our Android version. We’ve also added a floating icon to help you quickly start Groups, where you can share to-do lists, calendars, and topics with friends and coworkers.

Sticker Shop Makeover

House Ads Chats _ Sticker Shop (English - Bahasa) - 480x320pxl-02BBM Messenger users love stickers. We can hardly keep up with the demand. In fact, we’ve added so many sticker packs recently—from Sticker Factory as well as from our own artists—that we decided to re-organize the sticker shop to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Read here for more details on the makeover, and then take a look! You might find a new pack or two to add to your collection.

New Additions to Discover Menu
We’ve also added several new services to our Discover menu for users in different regions. Nigerians can now find out what events are happening in their area, connect with friends to make plans, and purchase event tickets—all within BBM Messenger, thanks to a partnership with Ariiyatickets.

Middle Eastern and North African users have two new content channels: Sa2eh, which provides travel and tourism information, as well as Jamal, which offers beauty, skincare, and make-up content.

That’s the full list for now, but we’re already hard at work on the next batch of improvements. Be sure to update your BBM Messenger via Google Play or the App Store to take advantage of all the new features and enhancements.

BBM Messenger Launches Beauty and Skincare Content Channel Jamal


We’ve just added another content channel—Jamal—to the Discover menu for Middle Eastern and North African users. With increasing demand for beauty and make up content in the MENA region, Jamal (جمال) offers beauty, skincare and make-up content to the female audience.

This is the eighth content channel we’ve launched as part of our partnership with entertainment and lifestyle content publisher 7awi. The first was Layalina, which offers female lifestyle, fashion and celebrity content. ArabsTurbo is a channel about cars and motorsports. Ra2ej is a light-hearted mix of celebrity and entertainment news, photos and video. Alqiyady covers men’s news, business, careers, technology, health, fashion, lifestyle topics, and celebrities. 3oud is a culmination where luxury meets fashion. Sa2eh offers travel and tourism content for honeymooners and vacation seekers. We’ve also added a special Ramadan digest – which aggregates the best Ramadan-focused stories from four channels.SM[BBM]loreal


Jamal features articles, how-to videos and tutorials with specific focus on local cultural and norms – content that are curated from Layalina, 3oud, as well as from other 7awi titles such as Asrar (make-up tips) and Bashartek (skin care). The channel also includes a personalised BBM login and the ability for BBM Messenger users to share beauty tips easily with their contacts.

We’ll be launching more content channels on food and video shortly – so keep your eyes peeled on your Discover menu!

BBM Messenger launches Travel & Tourism discover channel in MENA – Sa2eh

Sa2eh iconWe’ve just added another content channel—Sa2eh—to the Discover menu for Middle Eastern and North African users. Pronounced as “sa-eh”, Sa2eh (سياحة) offers travel and tourism content for honeymooners and vacation seekers.

With increasing demand for travel and vacations in the MENA region, in particular during the summer season, Sa2eh is a timely and useful addition to BBM Discover, as it not only provides travel guides on hotels, airlines, food, interests and travel tips; but also allows personalised BBM login and the ability to share travel and destination ideas easily between contacts.

imageThis is the seventh content channel we’ve launched as part of our partnership with entertainment and lifestyle content publisher 7awi. The first was Layalina, which offers female lifestyle, fashion and celebrity content. ArabsTurbo is a channel about cars and motorsports. Ra2ej is a light-hearted mix of celebrity and entertainment news, photos and video. Alqiyady covers men’s news, business, careers, technology, health, fashion, lifestyle topics, and celebrities. 3oud is a culmination where luxury meets fashion. We’ve also added a special Ramadan digest – which aggregates the best Ramadan-focused stories from four channels. All seven channels have garnered more than nine million page views to BBM’s Discover since their launch in March 2017!

In the coming months, we’ll be launching more channels focused on food, beauty and makeup, as well as video content. Stay tuned for more announcements here—and keep checking your Discover menu!


Update Your BBM Messenger Today for Better Spam Protection, Video for Group Chat, and Other Improvements!

We’ve released a number of upgrades to BBM Messenger via our latest release, available now! Please download the update to ensure you have the latest version, which includes better spam protection, video for Group Chat, a cleaner user interface, and lots of new Discover services.

Read below for all the info, and be sure to update your BBM via Google Play or the App Store.

Spam Blocking Enhancements

We’ve built additional checks and controls into BBM Messenger to reduce spam. Update to the latest version on a regular basis to take advantage of the continuous improvements we make to combat spam. Be assured these updates won’t impact chat messaging between you and contacts in your BBM contact list.

Share Video in Group Chats

ShareVideo_Android_ENNow you can share videos in group chats.It’s fun to share videos, and by giving you the option to select just a part of the video to share, BBM Messenger helps you preserve data and space.

To send videos when you’re chatting, select the media icon from the keyboard menu on your phone. Simply select your video of choice and send it. To use just a portion of the video, tap to select the segment you wish to share and send it.

Interface Improvements for Search, Icons and More

Socmed---UIUX-Changes-(English)-900x900pxlAmong this release’s many improvements is a new search category for your chat messages. Previously, you could search your chat topics, contacts, and channels. Now, you can also search the messages within your chats. If you remember a particular word or phrase you’ve sent, or someone has sent to you, you can find it again by searching chat messages! This new feature can save an awful lot of scrolling time.

To use it, initiate a search from your Chats or Contacts list. BBM Messenger will sort results into four categories – ‘Chats’, ‘BBM Contacts’, ‘Contacts’, and ‘Channels’ as you type.

We’ve also made a number of other upgrades to the interface, including new icons for the keyboard menu and main navigation tabs (for Chats, Contacts, Feeds, Discover, and Me). Additionally, we’ve made it easier to type messages on multiple lines while you’re chatting.

New Discover Services

As we’ve covered in separate blogs, we’ve been busy adding a ton of new services to the Discover menu.

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Two worldwide services bring content to users around the globe. Football365 just launched for BBM Messenger users in more than 100 countries, providing news, views, scores and more about all the leagues, teams and goals. Also, more BBM Messenger users worldwide now have access to BBM News, which brings global and local news from leading news providers into your BBM. In fact, we’ve just added 20 new publishers to BBM News in Indonesia.

unnamed (1)Indonesians have also been trying out the new BBM Career, which helps job-seekers check salaries for various jobs, browse job listings and read career tips from experts. Our new collaboration with Korean Webtoon and Webnovel publisher Neobazar went live in the archipelago a few weeks ago, bringing over 200 titles to users through WebComics for BBM. And Indonesian ecommerce platform Sale Stock launched conversation-based shopping on BBM—the first ecommerce collaboration to use the new BBM Chat API.

3oudFor the Middle East and North African regions, we’ve added several new content channels after the first, Layalina, launched in March. ArabsTurbo is a channel about cars and motorsports. Ra2ej is a light-hearted mix of celebrity and entertainment news, photos and video. Alqiyady covers men’s news, business, careers, technology, health, fashion, lifestyle topics, and celebrities. 3oud is a culmination where luxury meets fashion. We’ve also added a special Ramadan digest for the holiday——which aggregates the best Ramadan-focused stories from all four channels.

We’ve made it easier for Nigerians to plan a night out, with two great digital ticket offerings: Movie Tickets and soon, Event Tickets for concert and live events.

And South Africans are loving DiscoverTV, a mobile streaming service that lets BBM users watch movies and TV shows while they’re on the go. Stage360, a market first, is a really exciting mobile platform that helps South African urban musicians connect with fans, and even connect with music industry professionals.

BillawayWe’ve just launched BBM Rewards in the US, Canada, Nigeria, Malaysia, Singapore, and UK with cooperation from Billaway. BBM Rewards gives users a way to reduce the amount they pay for their mobile service by participating in surveys, entering sweepstakes or getting quotes. You can also choose to earn gift cards from major retailers instead of mobile credit.

It’s all happening in BBM Messenger! Be sure to update yours today to take advantage of all the new features.

BBM Messenger Adds 20 Publishers to BBM News in Indonesia

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 2.56.30 pmWe’ve added a stellar list of 20 publishers to BBM News in our Discover menu. For BBM users in Indonesia, this means they can now access a diverse range of content from general news, business, technology, entertainment, sport, health, travel to auto – all curated from leading publishers around Indonesia into BBM.

Indonesians are increasingly using their mobiles to read news and share articles. Along with texting, calling and email, reading news is one of the most popular things people do on their mobiles. Since we launched the service in August 2016, BBM News now has attracted over 60 million page views!

The list of publishers in BBM News includes:

·       Bintang.com

·       Bola.com

·       Bola.net

·       Dailysocial.id

·       Frameatrip.com

·       IDN Times

·       Juara.net

·       Kapanlagi.com

·       Klikdoktor.com

·       Kompas.com


·       Ligaolahraga.com

·       Liputan6.com

·       Merdeka.com

·       Oto.com

·       Otomania.com

·       Otosia.com

·       Popbela.com

·       Reservasi.com

·       Rumah.com

·       Suara.com

·       Tempo.co

In conjunction with the season of Ramadan, we’ve also added a Ramadan section in the BBM News – aggregating the best stories from our publishers and combining them into a single Ramadan focused section.

We’ve been working tirelessly by partnering with best-of-breed partners to bring more of what you love to BBM, and will continue in the coming weeks! Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements here—and keep checking your Discover menu!


BBM Messenger Launches Men’s Content Channel Alqiyady and a New Ramadan Focused Digest

Alqiyady ScreenshotWe’ve just added another content channel—Alqiyady—to the Discover menu for Middle Eastern and North African users. Alqiyady offers rich content covering men’s news, business, careers, technology, health, fashion, lifestyle and celebrities.

This is the fourth content channel we’ve launched as part of our partnership with entertainment and lifestyle content publisher 7awi. Layalina was first, offering female lifestyle, fashion and celebrity content, followed by ArabsTurbo, a channel about cars and motorsports, and most recently Ra2ej, offering weird, wacky, and viral news. In the first two weeks of launch, Ra2ej attracted over 800,000 page views! All three channels have garnered more than five million page views to BBM’s Discover since their launch in March 2017!

ramadan-lantern_LV7awi’s content has been very popular with our Arabic-speaking users in the Middle Eastern and North Africa region. In support of these users who are now observing Ramadan, we’ve delivered a special Ramadan (رمضان digest in the Discover menu – aggregating the best stories from all four channels and combining them into a single Ramadan focused digest.  Each story includes a share-to-message button making it easy for users to share this special holiday service with friends and family.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching channels focused on women’s fashion, classified service, and additional content for Travel, Horoscopes, Health, Food and more. Stay tuned for more announcements here—and keep checking your Discover menu!

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BBM Career Brings Job Listings, Salary Calculator to BBM Messenger

BBM Career joins the growing lineup of great services in our Discover menu today on BBM Messenger. For BBM users in Indonesia, this new service lets you check salaries for various jobs throughout the country, browse job listings and read career tips from experts—all on your mobile.

We’re launching BBM Career in partnership with Karir.com, owned by our parent company, Emtek Group. What started as the first job vacancy portal in Indonesia now strives to be an end-to-end recruitment and human resources solution for companies, and single source for job seekers in their journey to find their next opportunity.

image (1)

Check Salary Feature

Ever wondered how your salary compares to your peers? With BBM Career’s Check Salary feature, you can find out.

You simply enter your years of experience in your current job, your industry and job level. The salary calculator will provide you with the average salary for your location based on market research. Use the result to ensure your current salary is appropriate, ask for a raise, and know what to ask for in your next interview.

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Job Listings

Planning a career move? BBM Career helps you find open positions just right for you – from industries such as construction, consumer products, education, finance, insurance, manufacturing, media, pharmacy, retail, technology, telecommunications, and more.

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Career tips

BBM Career offers something for you even if you’re happy with your current job: inspiring content! Experts provide career tips that you can use to help steer your professional trajectory, nail your next interview and be a great performer wherever you go.

Great for Employers, Too

BBM has tens of millions of active users in Indonesia. Demographically, these users are professionals in the prime of their working lives. By bringing Karir.com listings to BBM, employers will have access to the best candidates in the country, who will be reading content, calculating their ideal salary, and browsing job listings in the palm of their hands.

If you’re in Indonesia, be sure to take a look at BBM Career today. You just never know what you might find. (And aren’t you curious about your salary?)

BBM Messenger Launches Ra2ej: Weird, Wacky, and Viral News


We’ve just added another content channel—Ra2ej (or رائج – pronounced Ray-esh)—to the Discover menu for Middle Eastern and North African users. It’s where you’ll find a light-hearted mix of celebrity, entertaining and weird news, bizarre photos, funny videos and lots more.

This is the third content channel we’ve launched as part of our partnership with entertainment and lifestyle content publisher 7awi. Layalina was first, offering lifestyle, fashion and celebrity content, followed by ArabsTurbo, a channel about cars and motorsports. Both channels have garnered more than a million unique users to BBM’s Discover menu since they were launched over the past couple of months.

Ra2ej is live in the following markets:

·       Saudi Arabia
·       United Arab Emirates
·       Kuwait
·       Bahrain
·       Oman
·       Qatar
·       Jordan
·       Syria
·       Palestine
·       Lebanon
·       Egypt
·       Yemen
·       Tunisia
·       Iran
·       Algeria
·       Libya
·       Morocco
·       Sudan
·       Somalia


Our Middle Eastern and North African customers are getting more of their news and other content from the mobile channel, reading on their devices while on the go. As people use their messaging apps multiple times a day, we’re bringing more content and services to them in the place where they’re already spending their time.

7awi’s content has been very popular with our Arabic-speaking customers so far. In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching channels focused on men’s fashion and lifestyle, women’s fashion and a classified service. Stay tuned for more announcements here—and keep checking your Discover menu!

Calling All Sticker Artists! Be Discovered on BBM Sticker Factory

Sticker Factory-3

We first brought stickers to BBM in February 2014. Since then, we’ve held numerous BBM sticker contests in our busiest markets around the world. It’s a way to grow our inventory with more stickers and new characters to keep up with demand, add local flavor, and give up-and-coming artists an opportunity to publish their work to a wider audience.

These contests have been very popular—and have brought such wonderful stickers to BBM—that we’ve decided to keep the contest going all year long!

How It WorksSticker Factory-1

BBM Sticker Factory is the official portal for sticker artists. Simply visit the website, create an account and submit your stickers for review.

BBM will review all submitted stickers, and choose the best ones for publishing. If we pick yours, we’ll confirm that you want to publish them, and then we’ll post them on the global BBM Sticker Shop in Discover for users worldwide to download and share!

Monthly Winners and PrizesSticker Factory-2

Even better, at the end of each month, we’ll award prizes to the creators of the top five most popular sticker packs. Those prizes include a chance to share in the sales of the stickers.

Submit Your Stickers Today

Take a look at the guidelines, which provide all the details about size, format, resolution, content and accompanying text.

Participation is free. You don’t need to have a BBM account, and you can submit as many sticker packs as you like.

Still have questions? Find answers on the frequently asked questions page.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the great sticker packs you’ll create!